Rent a friend - im Schlossparktheater Berlin

Sarah lives for her job! Things are going well for the attractive single woman - at least on the professional side. But what happens when her father shows up for a visit after a long absence and wants to meet Sarah's fiancé - who, unfortunately, doesn't exist!


At the RENT A FRIEND agency, whose business model is based on renting out "family members" in all situations, Sarah hires a "fiancé" without further ado, who is supposed to meet Big Daddy's high expectations.


Too bad that instead of the announced George Clooney double, the agency sends a much too young guy in a skater look named Gabriel as a candidate to Sarah's address.


Too late to correct the mistake, Gabriel now has to slip into the role of a much older plastic surgeon and adopt his Superman biography.


Does Gabriel succeed in embodying the role of the adequate fiancé in a credible way? Will he be able to withstand the interrogation of his overbearing father-in-law and his wife Juanita? Gabriel improvises his way out of it and loses himself more and more in his role as a lying baron and braggart...


But what about the truthfulness of the guests? Is Daddy really as BIG as he pretends to be? And is his alleged third wife Juanita really a former Caribbean beauty queen? Who plays which role? With whom? And - why?


Folke Braband's new comedy "Rent a Friend" deals with the subject of appearance and reality in a way that is as turbulently funny as it is charmingly touching and explores the question of why, in an age of constant self-optimisation, we are so keen to edit our "profiles", preferring to adorn ourselves with heroic stories instead of admitting our defeats, mistakes and small weaknesses. And why we tend - especially towards our neighbours - to never really tell the whole truth.