There's something to see for the German week!

This year we are celebrating several anniversaries in Gdansk within the framework of German-Polish relations:

The partnership between the Hanseatic cities of Gdansk and Bremen has already existed for 45 fruitful years, years of Polish-German reconciliation and friendship. The German-Polish Society in Gdansk, which is in active contact with other German-Polish societies in Poland and Germany and regularly organises events and meetings on Polish-German topics, is 30 years old.

Above all, however, in 2021 we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the signing of the German-Polish Treaty on Good Neighbourliness and Friendly Cooperation, which today forms the basis for countless Polish-German encounter and exchange projects on the Polish-German border.

and exchange projects on the successful path of mutual rapprochement after the end of the Cold War.

This anniversary is the occasion for the Consulate General in Gdansk to organise a "German Week" with various cultural events in cooperation with the Shakespeare Theatre.

You can already see the preliminary programme on the Consulate General Gdansk website, under the link: German Week Gdansk.

Dieter Hallervorden will be on stage at the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdansk on 28 September 2021.


von Jean-Louis Fournier / deutsch von Dieter Hallervorden
Co-Autoren: Frank Lüdecke, Arnulf Rating, Dieter Hallervorden


About the content:

The sky was finished, the earth was finished, the animals were finished and man was finished.

God had the feeling that he, too, was finished. He fell into a deep melancholy.

He had to start being active again as soon as possible, start something new.

So finally he decided to look for work, just like any ordinary mortal. To do this, he put together his CV, formulated a letter of application and was immediately summoned to Earth, to the headquarters of a large corporate group.

A week of tests and various interviews lay ahead of him.

About magnificent sunsets and destructive tsunamis, living jungles and dead deserts, Albert Einstein and Donald Trump, Mother Teresa and Adolf Hitler. God has to answer questions about everything that moves humanity!

A satirical - humorous hurdle race! Oh, God! Oh, God!

on 29.09.2021 you will see a staged reading with Torsten Münchow, Michael Preuß and Magdalena Boc.

A staged reading "Generalstaatsanwalt Fritz Bauer im Widerspruch politischer Interessen. The Interview" by Dieter Schenk (Honorary Citizen of the City of Danzig).

Against the political mainstream in post-war West Germany, Fritz Bauer pushed through the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial and provided the clue for the arrest of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.

Torsten Münchow, Michael Preuss, Magdalena Boć

Tom Leonhardt (guitar, music, accompaniment)

Europejskie Centrum Solidarności, pI. Solidarności 1, 80-863 Gdańsk

on 03.10.2021 Michael Mendl feat. WAY BEYOND with a reading from "Die Rättin" by Günter Grass.

Eine musikalische Lesung aus „Die Rättin“ von Günter Grass

Michael Mendl, feat. WAY BEYOND
Shakespeare Theater Danzig, Wojciecha Bogusławskiego 1, 80-818 Gdańsk