THE TWO NEW ONES IN "Grossstadtrevier"

Enrique Fiß (left) and Torsten Münchow start work in the 34th season of "Großstadtrevier". | Picture: ARD / Thorsten Jander

The officers from the 14th police station have a lot to do on Hamburg's neighbourhood, so two positions needed to be filled quickly after Hannes Krabbe (Marc Zwinz) and Piet Wellbrook (Peter Fieseler) resigned. With Enrique Fiß and Torsten Münchow, the "Großstadtrevier" team is now complete again.

The 1st newcomer to the "Großstadtrevier": Torsten Münchow as Helmut Husmann

Münchow plays the new watch commander Helmut Husmann. A seasoned policeman who is not easily rattled by anything - except job interviews. His luck is that he can prove himself much better spontaneously away from the interview. The 54-year-old about Helmut:

"Helmut Husmann is someone who has seen it all, the good and the bad. He was a narcotics officer, neighbourhood cop and motorbike cop. Now I'm the oldest on the force, a guy with a lot of experience and a big heart."


He has known the series since the first episodes and its creator Jürgen Roland even personally: "Roland had already worked with my father Heinz for 'Stahlnetz', he was part of the family, so to speak."


35 Years Grossstadtrevier


On my way home to beautiful Pomerania, I managed to brake at the last moment when a yellow-bellied toad crossed the road. I was sitting in the car with my family, saw the little creature and managed to stop in front of it at the last moment. 

I brought it to my house and after the children and my wife had examined the little yellow animal, I just had to drive it to a pond and rescue it back into the wild. Before I could throw the little toad into the water, I looked at it and I talked to it. "Little frog. I'm not going to kiss you, but I saved your life and I'd be very happy if the phone rang tomorrow and I got the part in the metropolitan district."

Grinning, I put the creature in the water and it immediately started making strange noises. It wasn't a croaking sound like you'd imagine a frog would make, more of a ... owl.

And believe it or not, the next day Claudia Thieme (producer of Großstadtrevier) called me and I had the part.

Thank you dear little Unke. :-)